powershell output multiple variables derived from processlist


I have the below bit of code, it is designed to simply ask for a Windows ProcessName, and then return a list of all instances of that process that are running.

$processName = Read-Host 'Please Enter the Process Name, as shown in Task Manager (not inc *32)'
if (!$processName) 
    "No Process Given"
    "You Entered "+$processName

    $filter = "name like '%"+$processName+"'"
    $result = Get-WmiObject win32_process -Filter $filter | select CommandLine

    foreach($process in $result )
            write-host "$counter) $process"

It works fine up until the point where it outputs the list.

If I do

echo $process

then I get what I am after e.g.

"C:\folder\AppName.exe instance1"

If however I try to concatenate the $counter in front of it I get:

1) @{CommandLine="C:\folder\AppName.exe" }      
2) @{CommandLine="C:\folder\AppName.exe instance1" }

I've tried write-host, write-output, echo, various combinations of "", +, but I can't get rid of the @{CommandLine= xxx } when I try to combine it with another variable

Is there a way to get what I am after? e.g.:

1) "C:\folder\AppName.exe"
2) "C:\folder\AppName.exe instance1"

try write-host "$counter) $($process.commandline)" OR modify your selection : $result = Get-WmiObject win32_process -Filter $filter | select -expandproperty CommandLine

explanation : without expandproperty you get a psobject with expandproperty you have a string

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