How to make alt-tab switch quickly?

Olivier Pons

I've just used recently Debian and I'm using Windows 7, and one thing that really gets on my nerves is the alt-tab feature: to access the second program it's easy: alt-tab switches instantaneously from the current window to the next one. But if I want to access quickly to the third program I have to wait something like 1/2 second, and that's really annoying, because as a developper, I'm always switching between my shell, Firefox, and the third one, Firebug Window.

Is there something I could do to make alt-switching fast when accessing other windows than the next? I don't know, maybe remove an effect (I'm currently with the option "visual effects : normal").


It sounds like you might be waiting for the application switcher to appear on screen before pressing Tab again. You don't have to do this; pressing Alt+Tab, Tab before the application switcher appears will still bring the third window into focus.

If you'd like to reduce the 0.2-second delay before the application switcher is displayed, see How do I adjust the alt-tab speed?.

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