Property does not exist on type 'object'

Jason Tang :

I have the follow setup and when I loop through using for...of and get an error of Property "country" doesn not exist on type "object". Is this a correct way to loop through each object in array and compare the object property value?

let countryProviders: object[];

export function GetAllProviders() {
   allProviders = [
      { region: "r 1", country: "US", locale: "en-us", company: "co 1" },
      { region: "r 2", country: "China", locale: "zh-cn", company: "co 2" },
      { region: "r 4", country: "Korea", locale: "ko-kr", company: "co 4" },
      { region: "r 5", country: "Japan", locale: "ja-jp", company: "co 5" }

   for (let providers of allProviders) {
      if ( === "US") { // error here
Saravana :

You probably have allProviders typed as object[] as well. And property country does not exist on object. If you don't care about typing, you can declare both allProviders and countryProviders as Array<any>:

let countryProviders: Array<any>;
let allProviders: Array<any>;

If you do want static type checking. You can create an interface for the structure and use it:

interface Provider {
    region: string,
    country: string,
    locale: string,
    company: string

let countryProviders: Array<Provider>;
let allProviders: Array<Provider>;

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