Spring Kafka Property for setting SeekToCurrentBatchErrorHandler

A-D :

Is there a spring.kafka property error handling batches

spring.kafka.listener.type=BATCH and spring.kafka.listener.ack-mode=BATCH

with SeekToCurrentBatchErrorHandler ? Thanks in advance.

Gary Russell :

You cannot set it with a property, but you can override Boot's auto-configured container factory like so:

public ConcurrentKafkaListenerContainerFactory<?, ?> kafkaListenerContainerFactory(
        ConcurrentKafkaListenerContainerFactoryConfigurer configurer,
        ConsumerFactory<Object, Object> kafkaConsumerFactory) {

    ConcurrentKafkaListenerContainerFactory<Object, Object> factory = new ConcurrentKafkaListenerContainerFactory<>();
    configurer.configure(factory, kafkaConsumerFactory);

    factory.setBatchErrorHandler(new SeekToCurrentBatchErrorHandler());

    return factory;

It will get all the boot properties and you can then further configure the factory as needed.

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