redirect your computer port to url

Eloi Fabrega

I'm not asking to open ports on the router terminal, i know how to do that

i remember once i saw a youtube tutorial that he used a terminal application(linux) that gives you a super long URL and it goes to your computer

it is useful to access between different networks, for example:

  • in my job i have the laptop in the wifi network and the computer in another different, and i would like to access from the computer to access the laptop, but the laptop its in

  • same story at my house, I have an access point on my room, from the laptop i can access the computer because its in the main network but from the computer i cant access the laptop

  • or even to share a live server to a friend

i don't know how to search it, in fact I've been searching for a week.

Eric Yang

It's called SSH-Tunneling, and you're right it's super helpful.

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