How to retrieve full text from tweet using twarc2


I am using twarc2 for retrieving tweets. The returned jsonl file has the following keys:

dict_keys(['text', 'conversation_id', 'entities', 'author_id', 'public_metrics', 'source', 'id', 'reply_settings', 'edit_history_tweet_ids', 'created_at', 'possibly_sensitive', 'lang', 'referenced_tweets', 'author', '__twarc'])

When I checked the value of data[0]['text'], it terminated with ... like below:

RT @Weather_West: "You may have heard that we have 12 years to fix everything. This is well-meaning nonsense, but it’s still nonsense. We h…

I am wondering how can I get the full text of the tweet. Apparently, twarc2 doesn't even return retweeted_status unlike tweepy which used to be helpful for retrieving the full text.


Actually, twarc2 csv auto-expands the tweets. So, instead of working with .jsonl, one can first convert to .csv and then one will be able to access the full text from the tweet.

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