Finding 2 values if available in a list in a Django Template


I have the following list called `` :[(2, 'Flat Bench'), (1, 'Flat Bench'), (3, 'Flat Bench')]

I am trying to find if the b.order which is the first number and which is the 2nd string is available from a django template. In my trial I made sure that b.order is equal to 2 and is 'Flat Bench'.

Here is the django template:

  {% if b.order and in all_logs %}
  {% else%}
  not available
  {% endif %}

In my case there is no error, it is just always showing not available even if it is available.

I am not sure what change I should be doing to get this code to work.


Well, I would suggest to create custom tags as explained here:

Your custom function should look as follows:

from django import template

register = template.Library()

def tuple_check(items, key, value):
    return (key, value) in items

Your template should have the following:

{% load my_custom_tags %}
some codes here

{% tuple_check your_list b.order as item_check_result %}

{% if item_check_result %}
{% else %}
Not Available
{% endif %}

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