Spring Security Hibernate load user with lazy associations

Lorenzo Valente

I'm building a Spring Data JPA application and securing my API calls using Spring Security.

Principal is loaded through my custom implementation UserDetailsService.loadByUsername(...) , retrieving only the User entity itself since all of its associations are LAZY by default.

This is done via a Spring Filter before each controller is hit (I'm doing JWT Auth)

For some requests (say POST /todo), however, I will need to load some of the user's lazy associations (the user's Todos) as well in order to add new data to them and persist it.

Is there a suggested practice to achieve that? My goal is to have some of those associations already loaded (depending on context) when getting the principal through SecurityContextHolder.getContext().getAuthentication().getPrincipal() without necessarily setting them to EAGER.

Something along the lines of overriding the UserDetailsService.loadByUsername to JOIN FETCH the associations on demand when I need them.



You don't need to load @ManyToOne (like Todos) part of the associations at all. Just create new TodoEntity, assign a user to it and save.

if you need to modify anything, better to work with all the user's associations separately from a user.

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