Must use destructuring props assignment error in constructor


Regarding a lint code validation error:

error  Must use destructuring props assignment  react/destructuring-assignment

I am new to the concept of destructuring properties and I am a bit confused about how I am supposed to use a destructing approach to the following code:

  constructor(props) {
    this.state = {
      clickedFirstTime: !this.props.showDefault,

Note to other people finding this on Google, I have read the following resources to help me understand what destructuring was, but I am just unable to figure out how to do it in this case:


The rule wants you to never write this.props.…. In this case, it's looking for

constructor(props) {
  const { showDefault } = this.props;
  this.state = {
    clickedFirstTime: !showDefault,

But really your code is fine, and you should just disable the rule if it is annoying.

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