YouTube URLs yield 404 error, only in Chrome

Rafael Almeida

I have Google Chrome 6.0.447.0 (dev). Since a few days ago, YouTube basically doesn't work for me anymore. When I try to access anything but the home page, I get a YouTube-specific page saying that "we're sorry, couldn't find the requested page".

Also, when I land directly on an internal page (like when I click on a link to a video), I get a security warning from Chrome saying that "" is trying to redirect to a server at "" and that I should not proceed. Then I (obviously) tell Chrome to "proceed anyway" and it gets me the situation described above.

I searched Chrome's support area and found a similar problem with respect to the Kaspersky antivirus. I don't use it (but do use NOD32), and the problem exists in both computers I have (one with Windows Vista and one with Windows 7). Also, the problem is strictly browser-specific, since in Firefox YouTube works just fine.

What should I do?

Rafael Almeida

Amazingly enough, the problem went away without any distinguishable action.

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