Error for defining class method as expression


I am trying to define a class method like so:

#lang racket
(define foo% (class object%
  (define/public plus-one (curry + 1))))

But this code produces the following error: eval:2:0: class: bad form for method definition

According to the Racket documentation, it should be possible to define a method using the syntax (define/public id expr), so I don't understand why this isn't working.

There is an easy workaround by using the (define/public (id . formals) body ...+) syntax, of course, but I would like to understand why the current code isn't accepted.

Ryan Culpepper

In the documentation for class*, see the nonterminals named method-definition and method-procedure. They describe the constraints on a legal method definition. A paragraph later in the class docs says that each private, public, etc declaration must correspond to a method-definition. So it isn't a bug, it's the intended behavior.

The reason behind the behavior, by the way, is that Racket's class macro implements methods by rewriting the method's lambda (or case-lambda) expression(s) to add an implicit argument for this. The same argument is also implicitly used to access the object's public and private fields. Restricting method definitions to certain shapes makes it possible to find the right lambda expressions to adjust.

Here's one way of rewriting your example:

#lang racket
(define do-plus-one (curry + 1))
(define foo% (class object%
  (define/public (plus-one n) (do-plus-one n)))

This has the following nice properties: do-plus-one is computed only once, and it doesn't take a field slot in each foo% object.

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