I get a syntax error when I try to use array map function in Google Scripts. Why?

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I get a syntax error when I insert this particular line

pp = pp.map(x => precise(x));

into my code. No other line gets the same error, and the code runs fine without this line. Please note that I am using google scripts editor.

pp is an array.

The function precise is coded like this.

function precise(x) {
  return Number.parseFloat(x).toPrecision(3);

I have isolated the code and tried it out in another online JavaScript editor, which works without a problem.

Is it a problem with Google Apps Script?


Are you sure that Google Apps Scripts is compatible with ES6 syntax such as arrow functions?

You could try changing your code to the following and see if it solves the issue:

pp = pp.map(function(x) { return precise(x) });

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