I get Invalid argument error when try to addRule to stylesheet in ie

Anwar Saiah

I am trying to dynamically remove a rule and then add a new one in it's place, to get a calculated animation for a dynamically changing div innerHTML.

var ss = document.styleSheets ;           
if(ss[0].cssRules[j].name == "slide")
ss[0].addRule('@keyframes slide', 'from {top:0px;} to {top:-300px;}', 0);

The code above should remove a css animation and insert a new one. The problem is with the '@' character, if I remove it code passes, but then it's not an animation for ie cause it doesn't have the '@keyframes' identifier. The reason I am going about this in such a manner is because you don't have variables in css for ie11, and you cannot alter stylesheet csstext! So I thought delete the whole rule and insert a new one. All I'm trying to do is dynamically change this rule:

@keyframes slide { 
     from {top:0px;}  
     to   {top:-100px;}

To this rule for example:

@keyframes slide { 
     from {top:0px;}  
     to   {top:-300px;}

It is really a pain in the neck to try and deal with ie's special world!! Thanks for your help.

Jenifer Jiang

I've tested your code and tried to find why it not works in IE. But I could not find a good reason for this. It seems like what you've mentioned that IE could not read the keywork with @. I've just found a workaround for this is to customize a funcition to add the attribute. Here is my working demo.


    div {
        margin-top: 500px;
        width: 100px;
        height: 100px;
        background: red;
        position: relative;
        animation: mymove 5s infinite;

    @keyframes mymove {
        from {
            top: 0px;

        to {
            top: 200px;


    function insertStyleSheetRule(ruleText) {
        let sheets = document.styleSheets;
        if (sheets.length == 0) {
            let style = document.createElement('style');
        let sheet = sheets[sheets.length - 1];
        sheet.insertRule(ruleText, sheet.rules ? sheet.rules.length : sheet.cssRules.length);
    insertStyleSheetRule("@keyframes mymove{from {top:0px;} to {top:-300px;}}");
    insertStyleSheetRule("div {margin-top: 500px;width: 100px;height: 100px;background: red;position: relative; animation: mymove 5s infinite;- webkit - animation: mymove 5s infinite;}");

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