how checking if there is a value in a heapq


I am working heapq package in order to work with graphs.

Let's suppose a list " heap ", filed by 2 tuples a and b representing ( distance, node )

import heapq

heap = []
a = (321,4)
b = (258,3)

Is there any way to check if node 4 is in the heap list ? and if yes, how can I get its distance ?


Using any:

import heapq

heap = []
a = (321,4)
b = (258,3)
node = 4
if any(node in d for d in heap):
     print("The Distance of the node {} is {}".format(node, [x[0] for x in heap if x[1] == node]))


The Distance of the node 4 is [321]


print("The Distance of the node {} is {}".format(node, str([x[0] for x in heap if x[1] == node]).strip("[]")))


The Distance of the node 4 is 321

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