Realm Swift how to add observer to object type (nil)

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Assume i have two flows:

1) I have data in database, then i use fetch entity with params from database and set and observer. After that i load data from server and observer's block fires successfully. That's fine.

2) I don't have data in database. Then i try to do the same, it looks like:

    myObject = MyRealmService()
                  filter: "userID == \(someID)")?
    realmToken = myObject?.observe { [weak self] change in
        guard let _self = self else { return }

        switch change {
        case .deleted:
        case .error(let error):
        case .change:

    loadDataFromServer() { object in

Then myObject is nil, so the notification block don't setting.

What is the way to handle notifications in this way? I mean, maybe somehow we can set the block to the filter type (MyRealmObject.self, filter: "userID == \(someID)"), so if in realm has write the object that fits it, then the observe block fires?


Instead of observing individual object which is still not stored in Realm database, you could observe Realm Results

   let realm = try! Realm()

    var results = realm.objects(MyRealmObject.self).filter: "userID == \(someID)")

    var notificationToken = results.observe { change in
        switch change {
        case .update:
            DispatchQueue.main.async {
        default: ()

You can observe the result object instead of individual and do some action based on changes.

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