PowerShell Add-Content with multiple variables to columns


Using Add-Content to input multiple variables to a csv file will write each variable to the csv in a new row, such as the following:


$name, $dateTime, $task | Add-Content $csv  -Force



I would like to loop the above code with new variable values each time but would prefer the variables to input to new columns for results such as the following:

$name $dateTime $task
$name $dateTime $task
$name $dateTime $task

How can I modify my code to input each of the 3 variables into a new column, then on the next pass, input the 3 new values on the next row across columns 1,2 and 3 like the above example?



Using a suggestion from @TessellatingHeckler, I used Export-CSV -Append and created a pscustomobject like so:

$logData = @(
  Name = $name
   DateTime = $dateTime
    Task = $task
$logData | Export-Csv $csv -Append -NoTypeInformation

By doing so I achieved two desirable effects; column headers and each variable is written to it's own cell per each iteration of the loop.


Name  DateTime  Task
$name $dateTime $task
$name $dateTime $task

Thanks, everyone.

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