Bootstrap collapse all accordions on button click


Is there a way to collapse/expand all accordions with a button click? I tried it with a simple button that removeClass active and addClass active but it did not work at all. I can only open them all up at once but not collapse again and then open up again.

my current button :

$("#collapseAll").click( function() {

my js:

$('.js-accordion dt, .js-toggle').on('click tap', function(){
        $($(this).data('target') ? $(this).data('target') : $(this)).toggleClass('active');

and my html

<dl class="accordion js-accordion" data-toggle="accordion-header">
      {{#each accordion}}
        <div id="{{anchor}}-div">
          <dt class="accordion-header{{#if active}} active{{/if}}">
            <h3 class="accordion-item-title"{{#if anchor}} id="{{anchor}}"{{/if}}>{{{title}}}</h3>
            <span class="accordion-item-icon"></span>
          <dd class="accordion-body">
            <div class="accordion-item-content">
              {{#if textblock}}
              {{#each textblock}}
              <p>{{#if anchor}}<a href="#{{anchor}}" class="faq-anchor">{{../../page-contents.section-main.texts.permalink}}</a>{{/if}}</p>
              <p><a href="#top">{{../../page-contents.section-main.texts.to_top}}</a></p>

I did it by myself with this code

$("#collapseAll").click( function() {
        let button = document.getElementById("collapseAll");
            button.innerHTML = 'Collapse all'

        } else {
            button.innerHTML = 'Expand all'

also with changing button text!

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