Cannot use .some() with array of objects


I'm trying to check wether my array of objects contains an atribute with a specified value. For this I thought of using array.some(), instead of a foreach loop. However I keep getting an error:

error TS2345: Argument of type '(element: ListaDetalhePendenciaAprovacao) => void' is not assignable to parameter of type '(value: ListaDetalhePendenciaAprovacao, index: number, array: ListaDetalhePendenciaAprovacao[]) => boolean'. Type 'void' is not assignable to type 'boolean'.

The code is as follows:

let existeApr = this.pendenciasList.some(element =>{
      !isUndefined(element.isSelected) && element.isSelected

   let existeRej = this.pendenciasList.some(element =>{
      !isUndefined(element.isSelected) && element.isSelected

    existeApr ? this.permiteJustificarAprov=true : this.permiteJustificarAprov=false;
    existeRej ? this.permiteJustificarRej=true : this.permiteJustificarRej=false;


public pendenciasList: ListaDetalhePendenciaAprovacao[] = [];

And the model class ListaDetalhePendenciaAprovacao.model.ts is:

export class ListaDetalhePendenciaAprovacao {
  public codigoPendencia: number;
  public descricaoCedente: string;
  public descricaoSacado: string;
  public codigoTitulo: number;
  public dataVencimento: Date;
  public valorTitulo: number;
  public valorCorrecao: number;
  public valorCorrigido: number;
  public codigoAcao: number;
  public acaoTomada: string;
  public complementoAcao: string;
  public dataRegistroAcao?: Date;
  public acaoTomadaPor: string;
  public numeroTitulo: string;
  public atrasoPrioritario: boolean;
  public codigoOrigem: number;
  public idPendenciaTitulo?: number;
  public isSelected?: boolean

I've also been hving the same issue with array.findIndex(). I apologize for the atributes being in my native language, I don't think it should be an issue.

Thanks in advance!

Octavian Mărculescu

This is happening because of the curly braces in the callback that you pass to some. If you open the curly braces, then you need to return a boolean value from it:

let existeApr = this.pendenciasList.some(element =>{
  return !isUndefined(element.isSelected) && element.isSelected

But for a one liner like yours, you should drop the curly braces altogether and go with something like this:

let existeApr = this.pendenciasList.some(element =>
  !isUndefined(element.isSelected) && element.isSelected)

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