How to work with generic type array and generic type class as parameter in constructor?

Abir Chokraborty

I want to convert the following simple java code into scala code. I know T <: Comparable[T] will be used for T extends Comparable. For generic type array, I have to use either Manifest or ClassManifest but I could not convert the two constructors for scala code.

public class MyClass<T extends Comparable> {

    private static int MAX_SIZE = 40;
    private T[] array;
    private int count = 0;

    public MyClass(Class<T> clazz) {
        this(clazz, MAX_SIZE);

    public MyClass(Class<T> clazz, int size) {
        array = (T[]) Array.newInstance(clazz, size);
Yuval Itzchakov

This is a rough sketch of what a Scala class would look like:

import scala.reflect.ClassTag

class MyClass[T : Ordered : ClassTag](size: Int) {
  val arr: Array[T] = new Array[T](size)

  def this() {

Because of Scala auxiliary constructor initialization order, you can't access this inside the constructor (that is the reason I hard coded 40 instead of settings a max value field). If you want to get around that, you can define a companion object to MyClass with an apply method which takes no argument:

import scala.reflect.ClassTag

class MyClass[T : Ordered : ClassTag](size: Int) {
  val arr: Array[T] = new Array[T](size)

object MyClass {
  final val maxSize: Int = 40
  def apply[T : Ordered : ClassTag]() = new MyClass[T](maxSize)

And then utilize it like this:

val clz = MyClass[Int]()

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