JMeter is not showing any results when running a test plan


I tried to run a test plan in Jmeter but no results are displayed when I try to see the result as "view results as tree"

Whenever I run the test, the response I got on error log is shown in screenshot.

Anyone who have idea about this? please share it. It would be helpful.

Results of test plan


You don't have any Sampler, which means you don't submit anything.

Keystore configuration and HTTP Request defaults are just Configuration Elements.

Also View Results in Table is just a Listener that doesn't submit anything.

The listener defined to listen to Samplers as HTTP Request.

To get rows in listener you need to add, for example, Sampler-> HTTP Request which will display later request/response in listener after you run the test plan

See JMeter's listeners

A listener is a component that shows the results of the samples

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