User.IsInRole always returns false in View or code using Policy based Authorization

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I'm working on an Core MVC app with windows authentication. I defined a policy based authorization role in startup.cs using the code below.

services.AddAuthorization(options => {
     options.AddPolicy("Main", policy => policy.RequireRole(Configuration["APP:ADGroup"]));

This works fine as long as I use Authorize attribute on a Controller method but if I try to use User.IsInRole("Main") in code then it fails and always returns false whether in code or view.

I essentially want to write a simple if statement in view that shows a link depending on user's role. E.g.

@if (User.IsInRole("Main"))
    <h1 class="display-4">Welcome Main</h1>
    <h1 class="display-4">Welcome Others</h1>

It always returns Others...

If I use

     do something

then it works.

I guess the question is how do I get it to work with just the policy name instead of the entire AD group name?


Check this MS docs link. It describes policy based authorization using IAuthorizationService.

@using Microsoft.AspNetCore.Authorization
@inject IAuthorizationService AuthorizationService

@if ((await AuthorizationService.AuthorizeAsync(User, "PolicyName")).Succeeded)
    <p>This paragraph is displayed because you fulfilled PolicyName.</p>

Note the warning at the bottom of the docs page about using this method


Don't rely on toggling visibility of your app's UI elements as the sole authorization check. Hiding a UI element may not completely prevent access to its associated controller action. For example, consider the button in the preceding code snippet. A user can invoke the Edit action method if he or she knows the relative resource URL is /Document/Edit/1. For this reason, the Edit action method should perform its own authorization check.

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