RxJS .toPromise returns only one value


I'm using RxJS 6.2.1 and I'm trying to convert an observable to a promise

If I create a simple range observable using subscribe, I get values emitted over time.

import { range } from 'rxjs'

const source$ = range(0, 10);
    x => console.log(x),
    err => console.log(err),
    () => console.log('complete')

But how do I convert this whole thing back to a promise? I tried .toPromise() but I only get back a single value, which is "9"

import { range } from 'rxjs'

const source$ = range(0, 10);
  .then(x => console.log('x', x)) . //only get back "9"
  .catch(err => console.log('err', err))

How would I rewrite this so that I get back an array from 0 through 9?


This will turn all values from your observable stream into an array and resolve the array as a promise value.

).toPromise().then(val => console.log(val))

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