Angular 4+ bootstrap NgbAccordion how to expand / collapse all


I've been playing around with angular in combination with ng-bootstrap and I am stumped about the following:

I have this NgbAccordion on my page:

<ngb-accordion #acc="ngbAccordion">
    <ngb-panel *ngFor="let container of answer.resultObj.containers.containers" title="{{container.metadata.title}}">
      <ng-template ngbPanelContent>
        <app-containers [container]="container"></app-containers>

this results in a lit of ngb-panels all collapsed. This is precisely what I want and I can toggle the expansion of the app-container objects by clicking on them.

I also want a button to expand all the ngb-panels. I can't seem to get it to work. I found a nice example based on Angularjs (<2) but that does not work and the [isOpen] option that seemed to have been there at one time does not exist anymore?!

My angular component:

import {Component, Input} from '@angular/core';
import {Answer} from '../model/answer';
  selector: 'app-answer',
  templateUrl: './answer.component.html',
  styleUrls: ['./answer.component.css'],
  providers: []
export class AnswerComponent {
  @Input() answer: Answer;

  constructor() {

Any help would be appreciated...


You can use the activeIds input on the accordion

Basically, assign a unique id to each of your panels

<ngb-panel *ngFor="let container ...; let i= index" title="Panel{{i}}" id="panel-{{i}}"

and declare in your component a list of the active ids (= ids of the panels that must be open)

activeIds: string[] = [];

Then modify that list when you want to open/close the panels

this.activeIds = [];//All panels closed
this.activeIds = ['panel-1', 'panel-2']; //panels 1 and 2 are open

And bind this variable to the activeIds input of the accordion

<ngb-accordion #acc="ngbAccordion" [activeIds]="activeIds"

Finally, add the buttons

<button (click)="activeIds=[]" >close all</button>
<button (click)="openAll()" >open all</button>

    this.activeIds = [/* add all panel ids here */];

I created a stackblitz to illustrate this

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