instanceof function parameter returns false in Typescript/Angular


I'm trying to find out how to get the type of an Object if it was passed as a parameter in my function.

For example you have following code

   console.log(animal instanceof Cat)
   console.log(animal instanceof Bear)

animal could be either an instanceof a Cat or a Bear. The animal passed in from my form always returns false (also if the Object's structure seems to match one of a Cat or a Bear).

Is there a way to get the type properly?


The root of the problem is this line

also if the Object's structure seems to match one of a Cat or a Bear

The object structure won't matter here. The instanceof checks whether the object was created using a constructor of Cat or Bear, e.g. new Cat() (and actually if both extend Animal then the instanceof Animal would be true for both).

Normally TypeScript uses duck typing to resolve whether the interface is matching the object structure and this is where the similar object structure could work. However instanceof is JavaScript (because is executed in the runtime), so there is no much more TypeScript can do there. That is why it does not work as you might have expected.

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