JMeter error when generating dashboard at end of test

Jake Zidow

For the last few weeks I have been using JMeters automatic dashboard generation at end of test w/ command:

./jmeter -n -t <test JMX file> -l <test log file> -e -o <Path to output folder>

However about 50% of the time the terminal freezes exactly 1 second before the test is scheduled to end without generating the dashboard. So I want to manually build the dash report from my log.jtl file using:

./jmeter -g <log file> -o <Path to output folder>

But when I run this command in terminal I get the error:

An error occurred: Error while processing samples:Mismatch between expected number of columns:16 and columns in CSV file:15, check your* configuration

The only thing I have in is (taken directly from = true = true = true = true = true = true = true = true = true = true = ms = yyyy/MM/dd HH:mm:ss

Running ./jmeter -g <log file> -o <Path to output folder> with and without these additions to still causes the same error listed.

Please help!

UPDATE: When I run a test from nongui mode and it completes ('tidying up...' is printed to the terminal) as opposed to freezing, my dashboard generation ./jmeter -g <log file> -o <Path to output folder> works correctly. So it seems the freezing problem lies in the test construction. The test ends by hitting a certain time of day, say 4:00 pm, which is added to the jmeter test in the thread group scheduler. Does anyone have any suggestions to how I can fix this? Has anyone experienced a similar problem?

Bruno Mareque

I know it's a little bit late but i'm still answering this in case other people had the same problem, as i did.

In my case, after making sure the and the were identical, i opened the log file. You know, the .jtl one, and deleted the last line that was cutted out. Then, just execute the command line jmeter -g <log file> -o <Path to output folder> and worked just fine.

It happens when the execution doesn't end properly.

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