how to publish to github pages?

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i am having trouble understanding some basic instructions on publishing to github pages. There is a new way to publish Angular projects made with Angular Cli; i am following directions from this page on the new command, angular-cli-ghpages:

Execute angular-cli-ghpages in order to deploy the project with a build from dist folder.
Note: you have to create the dist folder in before (e.g. ng build --prod)


ng build --prod --base-href ""
angular-cli-ghpages [OPTIONS]

I created a dist folder for my project, and then run the ng build code. The terminal shows all the chunks have rendered, but i cannot find a link to the github page. I look in my repository on github and it is as if nothing has happened. Is this because i need to cd into a specific folder to execute angular-cli-ghpages? Here is my repo, I would appreciate very much any help.

Parth Ghiya

I was successfully able to push to github pages using command

angular-cli-ghpages --repo= --name=parthghiya [email protected] --no-silent

Repo Link :

I did ng build --prod --base href .

Steps i Did :

  1. Generated My SSH & Added it.

  1. Executed the push command.

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Edit :

To Add more than one folders

Create folder parallel to assets, i created 2 folders Parth & Ghiya. Then added following entry in angular-cli.json

"assets": [

So the dist folder now contains 3 folders now assets, parth & ghiya. Then executed the above push command as earlier.

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