I get stray '#' in program error when I try to compile this program


When I try to compile using -fopenmp flag, I get the below error:

stray # in program

Below is my code:

int main()

{        #pragma omp parallel 
     int id=0;
     printf("hello(%d) ",id);
Sourav Ghosh

Quoting C11, chapter §6.10/p2, "Preprocessing directives" (emphasis mine)

A preprocessing directive consists of a sequence of preprocessing tokens that satisfies the following constraints: The first token in the sequence is a # preprocessing token that (at the start of translation phase 4) is either the first character in the source file (optionally after white space containing no new-line characters) or that follows white space containing at least one new-line character. The last token in the sequence is the first newline character that follows the first token in the sequence.

So, you cannot have a # after any other token. In your code

 int main()
 {        #pragma omp parallel
 ^        ^^^

the syntax violates the constraints, hence the error. You have to put it in its own line.

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