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I have a private repository at that uses the CI feature. Some of the CI jobs create artifacts files that are stored. I just implemented that the artifacts are deleted automatically after one day by adding this to the CI configuration:

expire_in: 1 day

That works great - however, old artifacts won't be deleted (as expected). So my question is:

How can I delete old artifacts or artifacts that do not expire? (on, no direct access to the server)

David Archer

You can use the GitLab REST API to delete the artifacts from the jobs if you don't have direct access to the server. Here's a sample curl script that uses the API:


# project_id, find it here:[organization name]/[repository name]/edit inside the "General project settings" tab

# token, find it here:

# go to[organization name]/[repository name]/-/jobs
# then open JavaScript console
# copy/paste => copy(_.uniq($('.ci-status').map((x, e) => /([0-9]+)/.exec(e.href)).toArray()).join(' '))
# press enter, and then copy the result here :
# repeat for every page you want
job_ids=(48875658 48874137 48873496 48872419)

for job_id in ${job_ids[@]};
 echo "$URL"
 curl --request POST --header "PRIVATE-TOKEN:${token}" "$URL"
 echo "\n"

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