How do I convert list into dictionary in Python?

Ryan Oh

So I have this.
[{"what": "Drink", "allDay": true, "id": 12, "when": "2020-05-13", "end": "2020-05-13"}] I'm trying to print the value of "what", but I'm having trouble converting this list into dictionary. I simply need the brackets come off. How do I do this? Thank you. :)


What you have is a list of dict(s). So, you could do it as follows.

  • If values is the name of list variable, then values[i] gives you access to a dictionary stored at index i.
  • The dict.get(key, None) will either return a value or None when the key does not exist. This may allow you to avoid unwanted error when a certain field is absent.
# Use of dict.get(key, "value-when-no-match")
# is safer than directly calling dict[key]
# BUT, this depends on your design/logic/requirements.
values[0].get('what', None)

An Observation

Since "allDay": true was in your sample data, I assume that most likely you are trying to read this from a JSON file. If that is the case, and if you are using json library in python, that could be easily dealt with using json.load(), json.loads().

Dummy Data

Note that you had a boolean value (for "allDay") as true >> Python expects True with a capital T.

values = [
        "what": "Drink", 
        "allDay": True, 
        "id": 12, 
        "when": "2020-05-13", 
        "end": "2020-05-13"

        "what": "Eat", 
        "allDay": True, 
        "id": 14, 
        "when": "2020-05-14", 
        "end": "2020-05-14"

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