How to fix an error in a php variable? Server gives 500 error


I have a code that is responsible for add money to account. There are tariff plans on the page of the site, when you click pay, the user switches to paying the bill. The code is as follows:

   public function pay(Request $request)
        $ticketID = $request->get('tickID');
        if($ticketID = 1){
            $sum = 32;
        }elseif($ticketID = 2){
            $sum = 64;
        }elseif($ticketID = 3){
            $sum = 320;
        }elseif($ticketID = 4){
            $sum = 640;
        }elseif($ticketID = 5){
            $sum = 1600;
        }elseif($ticketID = 6){
            $sum = 3840;
        }elseif($ticketID = 7){
            $sum = 6400;
        }elseif($ticketID = 8){
            $sum = 9600;
        $u = $this->user->steamid64;
        $merchant_id = '423';
        $secret_word1 = '432';
        $sign = md5($merchant_id.':'.$sum.':'.$secret_word1.':'.$u);
        $url = ''.$merchant_id.'&oa='.$sum.'&o='.$u.'&s='.$sign.'&lang=ru&i=&em=';
        $returnValue = [
            'redirect' => $url
        return $returnValue;

    function getIP() {

        if (isset($_SERVER['HTTP_X_REAL_IP'])) return $_SERVER['HTTP_X_REAL_IP'];

        return $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'];


    public function payaccept(Request $request)
        $merchant_id = '534';
        $secret_word2 = '423423';

        if (!in_array(getIP(), array('', '', ''))) die('hacking attempt!');

        $sign = md5($merchant_id.':'.$_REQUEST['AMOUNT'].':'.$merchant_secret_2.':'.$_REQUEST['MERCHANT_ORDER_ID']);

        if ($sign != $_REQUEST['SIGN']) die('wrong sign');
        $summ = $_REQUEST['AMOUNT'];
        $user = User::Where('steamid64',$_REQUEST['MERCHANT_ORDER_ID']);
        if ($summ = 32) {
            $user->money += $summ;
        }elseif ($summ = 64) {
            $user->money += $summ;
        }elseif ($summ = 320) {
            $user->money += $summ;
        }elseif ($summ = 640) {
            $user->money += round($summ*1.03);
        }elseif ($summ = 1600) {
            $user->money += round($summ*1.05);
        }elseif ($summ = 3840) {
            $user->money += round($summ*1.1);
        }elseif ($summ = 6400) {
            $user->money += round($summ*1.15);
        }elseif ($summ = 9600) {
            $user->money += round($summ*2);


Function pay forms a link, amount and digital signature. Function payaccept the function processes the payment and must enter payment information into the database.

The problem is in line $user = User::Where('steamid64',$_REQUEST['MERCHANT_ORDER_ID']); i know it with help var_dump().

This line produces a variable steamid64, but can't fint in a DB. How i can fix it?

Kenny Horna

Well, given that you haven't put any error message or log.. I assume the error is this line:

$user = User::Where('steamid64',$_REQUEST['MERCHANT_ORDER_ID']);

Here you are creating the query... but not executing it. To do so add ->first() at the end.

$user = User::Where('steamid64',$_REQUEST['MERCHANT_ORDER_ID'])->first();

Then you will be able to call methods on the $user object.

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