How to convert an observable list to an array list? Java


I'm trying to get all the items in a table view and place them in an array list for further processing. This is what I'm trying to achieve but obviously it won't work.

ArrayList<Consultation> showing = consultationTable.getItems();
Ole V.V.

Nice and recommended solution:

List<Consultation> showing = provider.getItems();

Solution to use only if necessary:

    List<Consultation> consultations = provider.getItems();
    ArrayList<Consultation> showing;
    if (consultations instanceof ArrayList<?>) {
        showing = (ArrayList<Consultation>) consultations;
    } else {
        showing = new ArrayList<>(consultations);

If for some reason you need to use an ArrayList method that is not in the List or ObservableList interface (I cannot readily think of why), you may use the latter.

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