Why does @User.IsInRole always return false in _Layout.cshtml


I am using Razor-Pages to develop a web app. In my _Layout.cshtml file, I want to change the menu according to the role of the current user. I, therefore, use User.IsInRole(string role) but it always returns false.

In a similar question, I read that it's somehow not possible to retrieve the user-role right after login. However, I don't understand why that would be the case.

My code:

@if (User.IsInRole(Roles.Admin.ToString())) {
  <li><a asp-page="/AdminMenuPoint">Admin Menu</a>a/li>

My roles enum:

public enum Roles {
  Supervisor, Admin

To summarize: Why doesn't User.IsInRole() work for my hompage (after login)?

Thanks in advance.

Alexandre Rodrigues

If you use .Net Core you need to setup:

  1. Add Identity Service in Startup.cs


   .AddRoles<IdentityRole>() // <-- Add this line

According to this discussion on GitHub, getting the roles and claims to show up in the cookie involves either reverting to the service.AddIdentity initialization code, or sticking with service.AddDefaultIdentity and adding this line of code to ConfigureServices:

// Add Role claims to the User object
// See: https://github.com/aspnet/Identity/issues/1813#issuecomment-420066501
services.AddScoped<IUserClaimsPrincipalFactory<ApplicationUser>, UserClaimsPrincipalFactory<ApplicationUser, IdentityRole>>();
  1. Create Role and Assign User for Role
private async Task CreateUserRoles(IServiceProvider serviceProvider)
 var RoleManager = serviceProvider.GetRequiredService<RoleManager<IdentityRole>>();
 var UserManager = serviceProvider.GetRequiredService<UserManager<ApplicationUser>>();

 IdentityResult roleResult;
 //Adding Admin Role
 var roleCheck = await RoleManager.RoleExistsAsync("Admin");
 if (!roleCheck)
 //create the roles and seed them to the database
 roleResult = await RoleManager.CreateAsync(new IdentityRole("Admin"));
 //Assign Admin role to the main User here we have given our newly registered 
 //login id for Admin management
 ApplicationUser user = await UserManager.FindByEmailAsync("[email protected]");
 var User = new ApplicationUser();
 await UserManager.AddToRoleAsync(user, "Admin");

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