Passing Components as children through a main Form component


I'm relatively new to React and redux. Loving it but I'm having problems passing components into other components as children and getting them to display. I'm currently working with a massive Form.js file with all the panels there but it would be easier to maintain to have them as separate components.

I have a large client data form. Each section for the form is in a tab/panel format. It would be great to be able to have each tab panel as a separate component, but I can't seem to get each panel to show by passing them through as children.


// file imports....

// constructor, handleChange, handleSubmit, 

render() {
    return <div className="page">
        <div className="page-content">

            <Form {...this.state}
                onChange={this.handleChange} onSubmit={this.handleSubmit} >

                <Details {...this.state} onChange={this.handleChange} />



export default Page


// file imports....

const Form = ({ client, errors, onChange, onSubmit }, props) => {

  function handleChange(name, value) {
    if (value !== client[name]) {
      onChange(name, value)

  return <form onSubmit={e => onSubmit(e)}>

        <Heading client={client} />    
        <TabNavigation />  

        <div className="tab-content">




Form.displayName = displayName
Form.propTypes = propTypes

export default Form


// file imports....

const Details = ({ client, errors, onChange }) => {

    function handleChange(name, value) {
        if (value !== client[name]) {
            onChange(name, value)
        <div className="tab-pane active animation-slide-left" id="details" role="tabpanel">

                  ............   more form data  .........




Details.displayName = displayName
Details.propTypes = propTypes

export default Details;
Anis Smail

You need to use the ... syntax to get the rest of the props properly.

const Form = ({ client, errors, onChange, onSubmit , ...props}) => {

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