Exception evaluating SpringEL expression: "#dates.format(passation.datepassation, 'dd-MMM-yyyy')"

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I want to add date but i had this error when i save my form Exception evaluating SpringEL expression: "#dates.format(passation.datepassation, 'dd-MMM-yyyy')"


 th:value="${#dates.format(passation.datepassation, 'dd-MMM-yyyy')}" ></label>

2- class Passation

@DateTimeFormat(pattern = "yyyy-MM-dd")
private Date datepassation;

3-in controller:

   private PassationRepository passationRepository;
  public String passation(Model model){

    List<Passation> passations=passationRepository.findAll();

    model.addAttribute("Date",new Date());    //add new date
    return "passation";

` any help is appreciated, thanks!


Your variable passation is null. So however you're creating the bean, make sure that passation is not null and datepassation is set on the bean.

private PassationRepository passationRepository;

@GetMapping("/passation") //note shorthand
public String passation(Model model) {

   List<Passation> passations = passationRepository.findAll();
   model.addAttribute("listPassations", passations);

   // This should be in your service layer.  Example only:
   Passation passation = new Passation();
   passation.setDatepassation(new Date());

   //make sure the model has the bean
   model.addAttribute("passation", passation); 
   return "passation";

This HTML will print the value from the bean.

<span th:text="${#dates.format(passation.datepassation, 'dd-MMM-yyyy')}">No date found</span>

If you're looking to update the bean values, use th:object within a <form> tag.

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