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I was following a tutorial online about installing magento on ubuntu but I get this error at the config: php extension mcrypt must be loaded. I already tried: sudo apt-get install php5-mcrypt but this didn't work for me. I had the same problem with curl but when I tried: sudo apt-get install php5-curl it did work for me. How do I fix this with mcrypt? I already tried to restart the webserver.

Tapaswi Panda

Hope your system is ubuntu as you added the tag.

On Ubuntu when you run sudo apt-get install php5-mcrypt it doesn't actually install the extension into the mods-available. You'll need to symlink it.

sudo ln -s /etc/php5/conf.d/mcrypt.ini /etc/php5/mods-available/mcrypt.ini

Then enable the extension and restart Apache.

sudo php5enmod mcrypt
sudo service apache2 reload

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