JMeter - Error when starting test plan- keytool error: proxysever.jks (access is denied)


I am following JMeter User guide to start recording my first test plan. When I click the Start button in HTTP Test Script Recorder, I got this error:

Could not create script recorder – see log for details >> keytool proxyserver.jks (Access is denied)

How could I fix this error? Thanks in advance.

Dmitri T
  • Background: JMeter creates a self-signed SSL certificate in order to be able to decrypt and record HTTPS requests, this proxyserver.jks is a Java Keystore which is being generated by JMeter in its "bin" folder when you start HTTP(S) Test Script Recorder proxy

  • Explanation: The error you are getting most probably indicates that you don't have permissions to write anything into the "bin" folder of your JMeter installation

  • Workarounds:

    1. You can try launching JMeter with elevated rights (run as administrator or superuser or whoever having write access to JMeter's "bin" folder
    2. You can change the location where JMeter tries to generate this proxyserver.jks file by adding the next line to file:

      JMeter restart will be required to pick the property up.

      Another option is passing the property value via -J command-line argument like

      jmeter -n -t ....

    Check out Apache JMeter Properties Customization Guide for more information regarding JMeter properties and ways of setting and overriding them

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