PHP - $_POST variable is not set after form submitting

Sergi Mascaró

I know it's a really asked question, and I'm writing this after checking almost every similar question already asked. In every posted question the solution was to add a name attribute to the form, but I already did it before getting the error.

So this is the problem: I'm trying to implement a basic SOAP web service that by now just prints a sentence using the name passed from the submit form. Here I add both client, server and form codes. I hope someone can help!


$server = new nusoap_server;


$server->wsdl->schemaTargetNamespace = 'urn:server';

                array('username' => 'xsd:string'),  //input parameter
                array('return' => 'xsd:string'),    //output
                'urn:server',                       //namespace
                'urn:server#helloServer',           //SOAP action
                'Registrar un usuari');             //description

function register($username) {
    return 'L\'usuari '.$username.' s\'ha registrat correctament!'; 



$wsdl = "http://localhost/soapserver.php?wsdl";

$client = new nusoap_client($wsdl,'wsdl');

$err = $client->getError();

if ($err) {
    echo '<h2>Constructor error</h2>' . $err;
if ($_POST) {
    echo $_POST;
if (isset($_POST["user"])) {
    echo $_POST["user"];


    <form name="reg_form" action="soapclient.php" method="POST">
                    Username: <input type="text" name="user"/>
                    Password: <input type="password" name="password"/>
                    <input type="submit" name="submit" value="Sign up"/>


What I get when I submit the form is just nothing, as the isset($_POST["user"]) and isset($_POST) return false and therefore nothing happens.

Sergi Mascaró

I'll just post it as an answer so anybody having the same issue can find it easily.

I just solved it myself by changing $_POST by $_REQUEST even I still don't know why the other way wouldn't work...

Edit: after checking deeper into it, I've seen with Chrome that the request sent was a GET request while it should have to be a POST. So finally I've fixed it changing the action from action="soapclient.php" to action="/soapclient.php" and now it sent a POST and the variable $_POST had the value of the username.

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