How to see the schema sql (DDL) in spring boot?


How can I see the DDL SQL generated by Hibernate for building the schema from the JPA mappings? I am using the embedded HSQL db.

I tried the following and none of them worked in Spring-Boot 1.3.5.RELEASE.

Those only show me the sql issued by Hibernate for queries. I am looking for the DDL schema sql issued by Hibernate due the following property:


Try with this property and value:


Do not forget to also set this property:


From the JPA 2.1 Specifiation, page 370:


The javax.persistence.schema-generation.scripts.action property specifies which scripts are to be generated by the persistence provider. The values for this property are none, create, drop-and-create, drop. A script will only be generated if the script target is specified. If this property is not specified, it is assumed that script generation is not needed or will

In Spring Boot you can define those two properties in your file:

Here is a blog post about JPA schema generation with further information about these and other properties:

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