Function returns incorrect False (only at higher values)

Simon Ungar

At higher input values my checkInputFile() function will return false, even when the input is a legal value. This only really becomes a problem with values greater than 400, but I want to be able to use numbers up to 10,000.

I've attached the a module used for getting user input, as well as the text files used to generate the insults.

import random
from getNum import *

def main() :
    allWords = loadInsults()
    print("One insult: ", end="")
    insults = generateInsults(allWords)
    if checkInsultsFile() :
        print("\n1000 insults properly saved. They are unique and in order.")
    else :
        print("\nThe insults are not properly generated or saved!")

# Using all possible arguments and prompting the user for the number of insults.
    allWords = loadInsults("word1.txt", "word2.txt", "word3.txt")
    numInsults = getNumInsults()
    insults = generateInsults(allWords, numInsults)
    saveInsults(insults, "Insults.txt")
    if checkInsultsFile(numInsults, "Insults.txt") :
        print("\n" + str(numInsults) + " insults properly saved. They are unique and in order.")
    else :
        print("\nThe insults are not properly generated or saved!")

# Write your functions here:

def readFiles(fileName):
    inFile = open(fileName, "r")
    fileContentsList = []
    for line in inFile:
    return fileContentsList

def loadInsults(word1="word1.txt", word2="word2.txt", word3="word3.txt"):
    return readFiles(word1), readFiles(word2), readFiles(word3)

def generateInsult(allWords):
    return "thou " + random.choice(allWords[0]) + " " + random.choice(allWords[1]) \
           + " " + random.choice(allWords[2]) + "!"

def generateInsults(allWords, numInsults=100):
    insultList = []
    while len(insultList) < numInsults:

    insults = list(set(insultList))
    return insults

def displaySomeInsults(insults):
    print("Some insults:")
    for i in insults[0 : 10]:
    print(". \n<snip>\n.")
    for i in insults[-11 : -1]:

def saveInsults(insults, filename="Insults.txt"):
    if 100 <= len(insults) <= 10000:
        outFile = open(filename, "w")
        for line in insults:
            outFile.write(line + "\n")

def checkInsultsFile(numInsults=100, filename="Insults.txt"):
        inFile = open(filename, "r")
        newList = []
        for line in inFile:
        for i in range(1, len(newList)):
            if newList[i] < newList[i-1]:
                print("Not all insults are in order")
                return False
            elif newList[i] == newList[i-1]:
                print("Not all insults are unique")
                return False
        if len(newList) != numInsults:
            print("Wrong number of insults.")
            return False
        return True

def getNumInsults():
    numInsults = getNum("\nEnter a number between 100 and 10,000: ", 100, 10000)
    return numInsults


I think I may know what is happening, you are creating a set of insults out of your list which will remove any duplicates. The more insults you generate, the more likely there will be a duplicate which will cause your set of insults to be smaller than numInsults.

This line will remove duplicates: insults = list(set(insultList))

Causing the length of the insults list to be smaller than numInsults.

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