How do I color tiles based on this?

evgeni mironov

I'm currently trying to create a Give up button that colors all the tiles based on certain conditions. My program generates numbers:

let's say 25 5 6 7 This numbers are then placed in

<List>String numberTracker= new ArrayList<String>(); 

(I converted them to a string)


My program will then build 5 tiles and place each digit in each tile 2 5 5 6 7

To build tiles I import Shape and create a class tile that has shape, color and position in it that also contains setTile, getTile, getColor, setColor, getPosition and setPosition.

To keep track of of the the tiles, I keep them in

List<Tile> tiles = new ArrayList<tile>();

To keep track and place the numbers in the tile I use

List<String> numberString= new ArrayList<String>;

To generate a Color I use tile.changeCoulour() which increments after each use

so if we go back to my previous example of 25 5 6 7 The tiles are created with

List<Tile> tiles = new ArrayList<tile>();

The string numbers inside each tile with

List<String> numberString= new ArrayList<String>;

each tile has 1 digit as I said, 2 5 5 6 7 (they are all strings and placed with drawString())


I need to somehow create a condition where 25 ( contained in 2 different tiles) will be the same color where the rest of the tiles will be different

for (Tile item: tiles) {
    int position = item.getPosition();
    if (numberString.get(position) == numberTracker.get(position)) {
    } else {


In that code I tried to equal the tile position to numberString position and then to itemTracker and if its the same it will change colour. However, I have trouble with the else statement


Your basic idea is as follows: keep advancing the pointer to tiles and change the color when a new number (from those initially entered) is encountered.

int ind=0;
for(i=0 to numberTracker.size()-1) {
  String s=numberTracker.get(i);
  Color nextColor=....
  for(j=0 to s.length()-1) { tile(ind).setColor(nextColor); ind++; }

This will give for example the tiles {2, 5, 5 ,6 ,7} the colors {Red, Red, Green, Blue, Colorx}.

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