IBM MQ : Any way to get connection interruption notification?

Anuj Khandelwal

I am using IBM MQ-7.5. I am running a jms client which connects to the manager running on some other hosts.

I want to monitor the TCP connections with the manager. How do I get notified if my client connection is broken with the manager ? Is there any callback or listener provided in IBM MQ APIs to know any interruption on connection ?

Eg. Like ActiveMQ has



Do you want to monitor client application connections at the queue manager end or in the client application?

To get notified of any connection issues, MQ JMS client has an ExceptionListener that can be attached to MQConnection. This exception listener will be invoked when there is an issue with connection to queue manager, for example connection to queue manager is broken. More details here: View details of setExceptionListener method. Call the setExceptionListener method on MQConnection to register a callback as shown below.

  MQQueueConnectionFactory cf = new MQQueueConnectionFactory();
  ExceptionListener exceptionListener = new ExceptionListener(){
                public void onException(JMSException e) {
                    if(e.getLinkedException() != null)
 MQQueueConnection connection = (MQQueueConnection) cf.createQueueConnection();

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