Why XMPP function returns nothing?

Orkhan Alizade

I found in the documentation this:

<iq type='get' id='2'>
    <query xmlns='jabber:iq:roster'/>

And write it in Swift as:

public class func getGroups() {
    var xmppStream: XMPPStream?

    let iq: DDXMLElement = DDXMLElement.elementWithName("iq") as! DDXMLElement
    iq.addAttributeWithName("type", stringValue: "get")
    iq.addAttributeWithName("id", stringValue: "2")

    let query: DDXMLElement = DDXMLElement(name: "query", xmlns: "jabber:iq:roster") as! DDXMLElement


And when I run it from my ViewController as:

override func viewDidLoad(animated: Bool) {
    print("Group list: \(getGroups())")

it returns me empty value, just Group list:.

My question is, how can I run my function properly and get the result, because when I run my XMPP <iq> snippet in my server, it returns me value.

UPDATE You can write or correct my code even in Objective C


extension OneRoster: XMPPStreamDelegate {
    public func xmppStream(sender: XMPPStream, didReceiveIQ ip: XMPPIQ) -> Bool {
        return false

You are trying to reinvent XMPPRoster module bundled with XMPPFramework: just instantiate it and activate on your XMPPStream instance and it will automatically sync your roster and groups. iPhoneXMPP example show you roster with groups backed up by this module.

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