Shell script execution on multiple servers


Is it possible to run one part of the ksh/sh script on one server then ssh to another server and continue with the rest of the script? Or is there a work-around?

I have a user with which I don't have to authenticate each time I access a server, so I can hop from one server to another without any keyboard interaction.

I've already tried this, trying to separate some logic into another script then :

MYSCRIPT="nohup ksh myscript.ksh > mylog.log &"
ssh servername ${MYSCRIPT}

I tried this but it doesn't seem to execute this script on another server.

The whole code above is part of a for loop; I execute the same script for a list of servers.

For testing purposes, the list has two servers; for some weird and twisted reason, only the last (or second) server script works as I expect.

All servers can see myscript.ksh -- it is visible and executable to all of them.

Kevin M

It sounds like you want to run a sequence of commands on another server without having to log in multiple times. To accomplish this, you could do:

local_command sequence
ssh remote-server << End-Of-File
        remote_command 1
        remote_command 2
        remote_command 3

This would run remote_command 1, and when it finishes, run remote_command 2, then remote_command 3 all on the remote server

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